Store Opened Selling Only COVID-19 Essentials

"The demand was there."

June 29, 2020
Covid store

Getty Images/Natalie_magic


I see this as a win win.  A store has opened selling COVID-19 essential products, “The demand was there. Everybody was kind of looking for masks and sanitizers and anything to do with COVID. Anything that’s COVID-19 related, we have it.” The owner could reap huge benefits, and customers will find important essentials. 

As shopping customers can get exclusive personalized masks, “People want to have their own masks customized in a couple minutes. Everyone wants to express their own fashion, and we’re here to really customize the mask, A to Z." 

The store is in Miami, "Entering Aventura Mall, it is mandatory to wear a mask, and if you’re already in Aventura Mall, might as well make it a fashionable mask. So we carry every single mask you can imagine.” 

Entrepreneurs should be inspired to open stores in our area, shoppers love it, “With all this situation and everything, it’s like a toy store. That’s our reality right now. We need to protect ourselves, and we need to be very careful."  More here