Pothole Artist Fixes Roads With Art

"I had this passion for this art form that is so durable and permanent."

May 14, 2020

Getty Images/Tamara Dragovic


This is a good time to fix the roads especially with less people driving. If they don't get fixed maybe we should get this pothole artist,  “There was one in front of our house that was a stubborn one that refused to stay fixed. The city would put asphalt in it and it would pop back out. It just dawned on me over time that I had this passion for this art form that is so durable and permanent, and I had this hole in front of my house that refused to stay fixed. So, what I did was I created a custom piece of art for that pothole.”

I think his work would last much longer than ours fixed just by slinging asphalt into the hole, “It’s a two-step process.  The first step takes about an hour-and-a -half to install it, to put the art in. Then I protect it with traffic cones or maybe a tarp depending on the weather. Then I come back 8-10 hours later once the concrete is hard to do a final scrub with metal brushes and take photos of it to document it because that’s the best it’s ever going to look. I can’t do it any faster than that.”  Lets hire this guy, take a look at more of his work here.