Most Musicians Are Considering Quitting Their Profession

Support is needed.

September 2, 2020

Getty Images/Alexandr Screaghin


I like seeing support for local musicians.  This is a tough time for artists who are not mega stars. The Encore Musicians site posted survey results revealing 64 percent are considering quitting, “The results show that due to widespread event cancellations, musicians have lost an average of 87 percent of their live bookings, and with them their main source of income.”

The Encore CEO also encouraged government help, “We’re acutely aware of the damage the pandemic has done to our musicians’ livelihoods, but I was still shocked to see just how few bookings most musicians have left in the diary for 2020. This problem is being felt across the industry from signed veterans to young musicians at the beginning of their careers. The government must act now to make sure our musicians aren’t left behind.”   

I believe once we get past this pandemic most of those who quit will return, and new artist's will be inspired.