Millionaire Created "Sleep Pods' For Homeless

Made out of plastic garbage containers.

February 7, 2020

Getty Images/MattGush


A millionaire has come up with a simple solution for homeless people who have to endure outdoor exposure. Peter Dawe created "Sleep Pods" just by connecting garbage cans like the ones you see along the side of streets in residential areas.

Dawe tested one himself, “I think it is more comfortable and more secure sleeping in a sleep pod, rather than being huddled in a wet sleeping bag being kicked. I’m not solving homelessness or the rough sleeper problem, I’m just mitigating it or giving them the opportunity to.”  Public reaction is not all positive, “This is possibly one of the worst and most demeaning inventions I’ve ever seen. Bear in mind that you could buy a cheap tent for that price and it might actually work to sleep in."  Also, “It is a Marmite design.  Some people think it’s genius, others are actually horrified. I try not to make any presumptions, and in my view no one should either.”  Video here.