Michigan Does Have The Worst Roads According To 5 Million Miles Of Visual Data

The visual data is used for self driving vehicles.

January 9, 2019

Olgavolodina | Dreamstime.com

It case you think hearing us locals complain about potholes, makes us think we have the worst roads in American when we do not, we actually do. Michigan has the worst roads based on true visual data. Lvl5 uses visual data to be used by self driving vehicles, obviously that info must be very detail. Using over 5 million miles of HD recorded road visuals, Michigan scores the worst pavement in the US.

The report also mentions how local government can be behind in knowing where the real problem areas are. As seen below the Midwest has some of the worst, and warmer climates states have most of the best. Tennessee is a little bit of a surprise coming in at #4, but the state is known for not operating in the red.

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