Lost Diamond Found In Football Stadium

"They really didn't think it was at the stadium."

October 12, 2020
Empty stadium

Getty Images/AlessandroColle


A lady noticed that she lost the diamond in her engagement ring.  After searching her home and vehicle, she thought it might be in the stadium where they attended the University of Alabama football game. Thinking it would be a long shot for it to be found in the stadium, a call requesting someone there to look for it was made.  A member of the Bama staff has looked for many lost items, "I was nervous because I've been sent in there to search for keys, credit cards, sunglasses, binoculars.  Honestly, a lot of times, it is very difficult to find things."

Even though, "They really didn't think it was at the stadium," shockingly it was found in 30 minutes, "When I saw it, I was in shock.  There's no way. It's literally laying here, shining so brightly. I was like, 'Is this real?'"  UPI