Kroger Hires Homeless Lady Who Slept In Their Parking Lot

"For the very first time in my life, now I know what love is."

September 4, 2020
Sleeping in car

Getty Images/anyaberkut


A homeless lady often slept in the parking lot of a Kroger, “I would lean my seat all the way back so no one would see me because, you know, I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there.”  LaShenda Williams living in her car at Kroger noticed by a manager was encouraged to apply for employment at a job fair. 

Kroger hired LaShenda, “It was just a sense, a gut feeling,” hiring manager Jackie Vandal mentioned. “You can just tell when people are really genuine and when people, you know, are trying."  Now she has her own apartment and friendly co-workers helped her, “For the very first time in my life, now I know what love is. Now I know what friendship is."

She has been employed for over eight months and it has created a beautiful experience for all, “We are so lucky to have Lashenda as part of our Kroger family. Her uplifting spirit is contagious. She has made such a positive impact on her fellow team members, and so many customers as well."  Kroger is a great company with outstanding people. More here.