Jennifer Lopez Inspired Mariah Carey To Lose 50 Pounds

"She feels that this new look is going to give her more opportunities."

May 16, 2018

Luke Franke-USA TODAY Sports

Mariah Carey has dropped a whopping 50 pounds. Hollywood Life reports that her inspiration to lose all that weight came from Jennifer Lopez.  A spokesperson commented, “She is close to 50-years-old and instead of letting it all go she sees people like J.Lo thriving at the same age. She feels that this new look is going to give her more opportunities with her career and her life and she is determined to keep the pounds off forever!”

The inspiration could have also prompted her desire to have gastric sleeve surgery, those rumors have been timed with the weight loss. I also assume dating a dancer 15 years younger can be inspiration also, “And she knows she has an image to uphold, a young boyfriend and, most importantly, kids that are growing up that she wants to be around for in the near and far future. So she decided to make a change for the better and for her future.” Matching 48-year-old Jennifer Lopez's body is quite a challenge. More here.