How You Decorate For Christmas Says Something About You

The etiquette on doing holiday decorations could possibly improve ways we show our feelings for the season.

December 3, 2018

Vadym Petrochenko |

I don't think any of us really need to be told how to do Christmas decorations -- because it's all about our personal expression.

But this might interest many who are looking for inspiration.

The way we decorate for the holiday shows our feelings for the season, and reveals other things about ourselves -- including whether we're "tacky" or not.   

See a story here that teaches us how to decorate with class -- for instance, use a real tree over a fake ones, a wreath instead of a door bow, and never put up decorations until two weeks before Christmas.

Huh? The bow decorations put on doors was something I loved growing up. This guide gets very detailed about tinsel, type of lights, figurines and more here.