How To Be Safer With Airline Traveling

I was curious about using the air vent.

June 26, 2020
Safe Plane

Getty Images/sam thomas


I'm still very hesitant to fly on a plane. Forbes posted "How To Safely Fly On An Airplane."  Much of the safety recommendations is what we've already heard including wearing a mask and social distancing in the airport.

I was curious about using the air vent, the report states, “The air on most aircraft is as clean as you would find in the operating room of a hospital,” so that would be very important to open and blow on your face to help keep away dangerous airborne particles. I would actually carry bleach or wet wipes with me to help sanitize the seat even thought airlines are supposedly disinfecting the plane better.

Before going they recommend this, “Before you leave home, you might want to grab a snack and an empty water bottle to take with you,” because many shops are still closed.  More here.