How To Be Safe On The Beach During COVID-19

Record breaking crowds are expected.

June 23, 2020
Safe beach

Getty Images/SHansche


After being cooped up for a long time, Summer is going to inspire us more to get outside. I've already heard of record breaking crowds including the largest attendance since the 60's on the Isle of Palms in SC.  The Huffpost story emphasizes more crowds “Beaches will have the same travel boom that campsites and national parks will experience from coronavirus. Travelers are getting increasingly anxious for outdoor activities that are socially distant by nature, and we’re already seeing people flock to drivable beach destinations.” 

It certainly must be safer in public places outdoors vs indoor grocery and retail stores, “Every activity outside your home these days carries some level of risk. The good news is we believe that outside spaces like beaches are generally safer than indoors, where air lingers and can’t circulate. And you can be smart and take steps to minimize the risk for you and your family.”

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