The Healing Frequencies Of Sound

"Cosmic farming will give you safe food without any chemicals or fertilizers."

November 27, 2018

Maksim Prochan |

Many believe sound can create healing powers. Carlos Santana told me about his theory on the healing frequencies of music.  I do believe our mental vibe can have affect on our health.

Now some believe that chanting can actually help growing crops to the extent of not using chemicals to resist insects. "Cosmic Farming" in the report here is said to open up the power of the universe, “Cosmic farming will give you safe food without any chemicals or fertilizers. Under this type of farming, no chemical is put on paddy and it will be grown with organic manure only.” 

Now government officials think it works, “The agriculture department wants to tread the path of organic and eco-friendly farming. It has been holding talks with propagators of cosmic farming and other believers of similar activities, which can increase the farm yield in an organic way. As part of this, a farmer needs to spend at least 20 minutes a day chanting the ‘vedic mantra’ for 20 days in his farm. The believers of cosmic farming claim that mantra draws the energy of universe into the field and helps the seeds to sprout better and gives quality yield.”

I'll just stick with the healing frequencies of music.