Halloween Candy Beer For Adults

More candy beers created to celebrate the holiday.

October 15, 2020
Halloween Beer

Getty Images/Zeferli


Halloween is a fun time of the year.  And now adults are getting more candy beers to celebrate the holiday.  One is called Gummy Shark, "Our bartenders and staff play the 'Baby Shark' song to mess with each other, and we thought it would be fun to make a beer that plays along those lines.  It is a New England IPA with Michigan copper, centennial and El Dorado hops and over 300 pounds of gummy sharks that were added to the boil."

Another one is called Skittles IPA, "That is what makes craft beer great. If you want a candy beer, you can get several. If you want a lager or blonde ale, you can get several. But craft beer is about pushing that envelope and having fun. Beer is infinite and does not have a limit!"  Candy for kids, candy beer for adults.  More from Forbes