Get Paid $9,000 To Surf The Internet

Unusual fun well paying jobs keep popping up.

November 3, 2020
Web browser

Getty Images/GaudiLab


You're a browser because you are here.  Unusual fun well paying jobs keep popping up. Imagine getting paid $9,000 just to browse the internet. A company is offering that just to scope online for two weeks, "This might seem like a joke but it really isn't. We are indeed hiring a person to just surf the web and actually get paid for it. What we are looking for in a candidate is the unpolished truth, we want someone who has the guts to share their online experience with the world."

Admitting what you secretly browse might limit some. They also want a very short video talking about the site that created most interest, "It can be anything from a funny incident to a dead serious revelation."  Deadline for applying is November 13th.  More here