Frequent Flyer Gives Safety Advice

He has flown 33 times and stayed 160 nights in hotels since March with no sickness.

August 4, 2020
Safe travel

Getty Images/zoff-photo


I have fear of flying during this pandemic.  Check out what a business traveler who has flown 33 times since March does to be safe.  Mika Manninen has even stayed in a hotel over 160 times, “When I check into my room, I clean every surface with wipes all door handles, light switches, the remote control and the phone. In the bathroom, I also wipe down the showerhead. I’m 6 feet 2 inches, and I always end up adjusting it.”  I use bleach wipes everywhere I travel locally. 

He has more concern while in an airport vs being on a plane, “When I enter the airport, I wear multiple layers of disposable gloves, and I peel them off as I go through it. Trams, escalators peel a layer, check-in, use a kiosk with a touch screen peel a layer, TSA security check peel a layer. I did not realize how many surfaces I actually touch until I started paying attention to it.”

Mika feels safer on a plane with the filtered air but does do a bunch of wiping, “Wipe all surfaces at your seat, including the seat belt, belt buckle, headrest, window shades and the air and light adjusters above your head.”

He is very detail about travel safety, see more here.