Fans Are Defending Madonna Ridicule For Still Wearing Corsets

"The haters are only JEALOUS."

August 26, 2019



Madonna who recently turned 61, is getting some ridicule for still wearing a corset.  The outfits are a part of the image that branded her. 

Madame ❌ is dreaming of a day off............... #rehearsals #madamex

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Her fans are defending her, “I don't wanna hear a damn thing about her age in these comments because her body is amazing and she's in better shape than most of y'all who talk s***.”  Honestly she still looks as good as she did when I saw her backstage years ago changing clothes between songs. “The haters are only JEALOUS. NOT GOING TO HAVE A BODY LIKE HERS WHEN THEY ARE IN THEIR 60S.” You can judge for yourself with her new tour starting September 12th.  Yahoo