Entrepreneur Wants To Tow Giant Iceberg To Drought Area For Drinking Water

The iceberg considered is said to potentially provide drinking water to millions for around 5 years.

July 10, 2019

Getty Images/Orla

Originally thought by a French scientist years ago, an entrepreneur wants to tow an iceberg from the South Pole to the Middle East, “It will be cheaper to bring in these icebergs and utilize them for freshwater rather than utilizing the desalination water. Because desalination plants require a huge amount of capital investments.”  The cost of converting ocean water is expensive, and not as healthy as drinking water from icebergs. The iceberg considered is said to potentially provide drinking water to millions for around 5 years. 

The iceberg would travel over 5,000 miles, “We will start the harvesting process immediately and we expect it will take us two to three months. The iceberg is expected to reach during the winter season here in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, there are other facts such as the depth of this iceberg, they are as deep as 300 meters in the sea, and the deeper you go the cooler the water is.” 

Another benefit is change of weather, “It’s expected that the presence of these icebergs may cause a weather pattern change, because they are cold bodies they will attract the clouds which are moving on the Arabian sea to its center. Once brought into the center, we expect it will attract more rain to the region.”  Sounds like a win, win, if it doesn't affect the problem of rising shorelines. More here.