Elton John Faces Possible Fine For Not Wearing A Mask

While on the Italian Island of Capri.

October 2, 2020

Elton traveled on a yacht to the Italian island Capri with family.  Italy requires that people wear masks when out in public it is mandatory.  Elton was spotted not wearing a mask.  Reps of that Codacons Italian area made comments, “He put his arm around someone and greeted people without wearing a mask. He was out in the open in a public space, the law must be respected by everyone, including celebrities from abroad.”

So now Elton could be facing a fine, “The law foresees fines of up to €1,000, and applies for everyone, even VIPs.”  A friend of Elton responded, “Once at the terrace, he got out and, as the law provides, consumed an aperitif without a mask. I was there and confirm we were the only people at the bar as it was the final day of opening … The return journey happened the same way, with masks worn. In future I hope Codacons find more truthful things to report.”  Elton is a very positive person, his spokesperson also spoke out,  “Elton is respectful of local rules and fully supportive of wearing a mask in public to protect himself and others. When pictured, he was at an outdoors restaurant, on his way to his table to sit down and eat with his family. He can clearly be seen putting a mask on immediately after.”

The Mayor of Capri thinks people might be overreacting but will try to verify, “It seems he was sitting on the hotel terrace with his family, distancing … maybe without a mask, as that’s what you can do when you are sitting down in a bar or restaurant.  I don’t know whether he was walking around Capri without one … It’s not as if you go and disturb someone while they’re on holiday … but I will do stiff checks to find out.  Fines are only imposed when [breaking the rule] is confirmed.”  More from ET.