Earth Has A Heartbeat

Every 26 seconds.

November 9, 2020
Earth Pulse

Getty Images/Bahtiar_maulana


All living things have a pulse. The Earth is said to have a pulse.  Experts have detected a “microseism” that makes a sound every 26 seconds. Detected over 60 years ago, they still don't know what's generating it.

Some think its waves, which makes no sense to me because it happens every 26 seconds. Others suggest it could be seismic activity, but seismologist Doug Wiens has little interest, “There are certain things that we concentrate on in seismology.  We want to determine the structure beneath the continents, things like that. This is just a little bit outside what we would typically study … [since] it doesn’t have anything to do with understanding the deep structure of the Earth.”

The “heartbeat of the Earth" has been detected louder in certain areas.  More here