Dog Stranded 5 Months Reunited With Family After COVID Lockdowns

Amazing all that was done to reunite dog in US to family in Australia.

September 3, 2020

Getty/ImagesИрина Мещерякова


Quite the story about a family sailing around the world with their dog named Pipsqueak.  Borders were starting to close because of COVID and the Eilbeck family needed to fly home quickly to their Australian home before it closed.  So they left their boat docked in Hilton Head to fly home, but flights weren't available for dogs. Pipsqueak began staying with several temporary dog adopters in the US. 

Then they discovered a pet plane company called Jetpets.  Pipsqueak was staying in the Carolinas and Jetpets in based thousands of miles away in LA.  The Sparky Foundation which is a dog rescue group showed much love by transporting Pipsqueak to LA. Pip finally arrived in Auckland but still needed to be transported to Sydney which took many more steps to be accomplished. After five months Pip was back in the arms of family.

Amazing all that was done to reunite family, "She's part of our family and it's been five months and that's a long time to miss anybody."   UPI