Dog Helps Michigan Family Discover Carbon Monoxide Leak

It affects dogs more than people.

February 10, 2020
Dog Sleeping

Getty Images/joshuaraineyphotography


It's amazing the many ways dogs affect our lives. The reaction of a cockapoo named Rascal, helped a family become aware of a carbon monoxide leak that was not detected by their alarms, "He wasn't coming right to me when I called his name, he finally came in the kitchen but he just collapsed. So I gave him some goldfish crackers and he wanted nothing to do with that, which was unusual."

They noticed Rascal felt better when out of the house visiting the vet who found no issues.  Then the return home showed problems, "I picked him up, he was just as limp as could be and we sat on the coach over there, and he was just laying there and he wasn't responding like he usually does, he just didn't seem well." 

A friend responded with advice from her partner, "She relayed it to her husband who said 'Tell her to get out of the house it might be carbon monoxide,' so I thought 'Well no, the alarm is not sounding.'" Also, "But we went out anyway and I'm really glad I did, because he was perfectly fine when he got out in the fresh air."

All because of Rascal, the problem was discovered, "The furnace guy said we could have a low-level leak that's not high enough to register on the detector and who knows how long that may have been going on.  Even though it's not ready to kill you it's still going to affect you, particularly dogs it affects more than people."  UPI