Doctor Tests Several Types Of Masks

Oxygen levels interesting.

June 25, 2020

Getty Images/Angyee054


I have several types of masks including KN-95, it is close to the N-95 mask that I actually found in my garage which was purchased several years ago just for yard work, and also have several of the blue masks that look like surgical masks. I have wondered if they affect my oxygen levels because I seem to warm up while wearing them for several minutes.

A test for many that feel uncomfortable wearing masks was conducted by a doctor.  The results show no difference in oxygen levels when wearing masks, and not wearing masks.

But I also have concern about inhaling the same air I exhaled, take a look at this.

Surgeons wear mask for hours and have no issues.  I don't have much confidence in homemade fabric masks. I always wear a mask when out in public places to shop. Judge for yourself.