Dating Service Uses DNA Test's To Match People

Opposites do attract.

February 5, 2019

Henrik Dolle |

DNA test's are becoming very popular. I've done a dog DNA test, and awaiting results from my own test to discover my background.  Now a dating company is using DNA test to match people.

No it's not to match people like inbreeds. It matches people with DNA's that attracts each other most, "When Pheramor receives your swab back, we send it to our laboratory, where they isolate your cheek cells and take out the DNA. From the DNA, we sequence your human leukocyte antigen genes, or HLA genes. This is what predicts attraction.” Maybe this is why opposites attract, “These genes encode proteins for your immune system. Scientists have shown in dozens of publications that people are attracted to one another when their HLA genes are different. That’s right! ‘Opposites attract’ is biologically true.” Connect here.