Couple Happy In 30 Year "Going Dutch" Marriage

They split bills and even all food.

June 18, 2020
Going Dutch

Getty Images/Ilya Burdun


Going Dutch on a date is not uncommon. Going Dutch in a marriage for over 30 years is unusual. An elderly couple splits bills, investments, and have gone to the extreme of separating all food, “We take turns cooking and cannot use each other’s cooking utensils. Sometimes after I cook, she suspects that I stole her eggs.” 

I see the positivity of this, others do not, “I can accept splitting the bill while dating but why do we need to keep going Dutch after getting married? If a couple cannot share everything, that means they are not Mr Right and Ms Right for each other.”  This lady is not feeling it either, “If he asked to go Dutch after we decided to get married, I would feel that he was unreliable and reconsider whether to spend the rest of my life with this man.”  More here.