The Coolest And Oldest Concert Venue Is A Cave

PBS even airs a show from there called Bluegrass Underground. 

July 11, 2018

Thomas Jurkowski |

This is one of the coolest venues I've ever discovered. Not cool because of the room temperature although a little chilly, but because it's a cave that has concerts. The Caverns was once called Wonder Cave which went out of business as a tourist attraction,  "Every aspect of the patron experience has been improved and enhanced, a streamlined ticketing process, closer parking, nicer bathrooms, more comfortable seating, better sightlines and more. And the space itself is even grander and, dare I say...‘cavier’." says the manager. Now, The Caverns is attracting many people again especially with bluegrass artist performances.  PBS even airs a show from there called Bluegrass Underground. 

Opened for concerts in March of this year, the venue is over a million years old. Capacity is around 750 for seating and with standing room added, reaches a max close to 1000. Some big names have played there, who wouldn't because of the unique experience and of course the TV exposure.