Compassionate Pet Finder Has A 70 Percent Success Rate

He has found over 1000 pets.

November 25, 2019
Getty Images/damedeeso

Getty Images/damedeeso


Finding lost pets has increased with the technology of micro-chips. But now a person who is called the "Ace Venture" of finding lost pets uses other technology that most pet owners don't have including heat detectors and many other devices, “Most pet owners get very flustered, they don’t even own a flashlight.  They can only look for cats in the dark by the weak light of their phones. We have advanced equipment and accumulated cases over the years to analyse the data. We can think of 10 things to do while the owner can think of one or two.”

Doing this work for more than seven years, he has found over 1000 pets.  Even thought his cost is around $1,000, I would love to see this established by someone here and expanded with the same compassion, “You have to be extremely careful when capturing pets. You can’t catch small dogs like pomeranians with a net. Their hearts are very small. It could kill them.”  More here