The Most Fowl-Mouthed Actresses And Actors

I was surprised to see Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio rank so high.

November 5, 2020

Getty Images/drante


Over 3000 movies were researched to find and rank the most swearing actresses and actors.  I was surprised to see Jennifer Lawrence in this post scoring number two.  Emily Blunt took the top spot with 81 total movie curse words.  The flick The Girl on the Train help put her at #1 with 33 in that performance.

The men cursed a monster number more than the actresses.  Another surprise was Leonardo DiCaprio ranking #2.  At #1 is Jonah Hill and his profanity words in movies is a whopping 376 times!  My man Adam Sandler is in the top five and even beat Al Pacino.  I did think Danny McBride could have been top five with his HBO showings.  See more rankings here.