$10,000 Reward Paid For Finding Cat

The cat was found by a teacher at her school.

February 8, 2019

ID 31761815 © Maximus117 | Dreamstime.com

Many thought a $10,000 reward for finding a missing cat was just an emphasis on how important the feline is. The cat was found by a teacher and initially was not going to take the reward, but the owners insisted that she receive it, “That’s how bad we want her home. She is a very sweet cat who we love dearly."

The cat was found at Sullivan’s Island Elementary School by the teacher. Initially, “She jumped from my arms and ran off. It’s her first time being out of the house so we are all a little nervous.” I vacation in that area often, and wish I had been there to search, and score the huge reward. The island has a large population of coyotes which might have also influenced the reward amount. Live 5 News