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Orbiting Billboards In Space

Many states limit how close billboards are allowed near freeways. What are sky limits? Beyond seeing a plane circling with a billboard at a game or huge event, imagine lit up billboards in outer space. Russian startup 'StartRocket' wants to put billboard adverts in space Read More

Concert Goers Extend Their Life Nine Years

Wow , here's more relating to the interview I had wth Carlos Santana and his expression about the "healing frequencies of music." New research has come out involving a behavioral science expert, interpreting that regular concert goers add nine years to their life, “positive correlation between... Read More

This Is What Women Want More Of

What do women want most? According to a survey of over 2000 adult women, most wanted is more time in the day. Women can related to the results of the research, “As a hairstylist, I hear countless women tell me they wish they could cut down on the time spent doing their own hair. They all wish they... Read More

Coyote Enters Concert Venue Bathroom

Coyote sightings are becoming common, I see them in my backyard often. Uncommon is coyotes showing up in concert venue bathrooms, "So I round the corner expecting a dog and I look around the corner and sure enough like perched up on the sink is a coyote." Officials are investigating after a COYOTE... Read More

Gymnast Scores 10s With Michael Jackson Music

What's your favorite song to dance to? A very competitive UCLA gymnast has gone viral with her dance moves because of the songs she chooses and the scores her routines generate. UCLA gymnast @katelyn_ohashi has the internet captivated with her flawless, perfect 10 routine Read More

Inexpensive Things That Make A Woman Fabulous

What makes you fabulous? Buzzfeed has come up with some cheap things that can make a woman fabulous. With a list of over thirty, the one that sticks out to me are the over the knee boot's, yes those have an affect on me. YES or NO to this combo of a parka and over the knee boots? #parka #... Read More

The First All Nude Restaurant Fails

It appears that a nude restaurant is not a good venture capital investment. Who could have guessed? Oh well, everyone probably. The first one to open a little over a year ago is closing down due to a lack of profit. "It is with great regret that we announce the definitive closing of the O'Naturel... Read More

This Month Has Become "Januhairy" For Many Women

Remember a couple years ago when the month of November became a no shave beard month for men? Well, not to be outdone January for many women has become "Januhairy." That's right. Some women are letting it all hang out this month. Why? “This isn’t an angry campaign for people who don’t see how... Read More