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Ohio Dog Found A Year Later In Florida

You hear about dogs that get lost away from home, and they often find their way home, even if it's hundreds of miles, well this is different. An Ohio dog named Bruno was lost while walking near home, and was found a year later in Florida. The question is, was he found in Ohio and taken to Florida?... Read More

The Look That Shows A Man Is Cheating

A university decided to do some extensive research to help women determine is their man is a cheater, "Given the reproductive costs of being cheated on, evolutionary theories predict that it would be beneficial for individuals to evolve strategies to prevent sexual infidelity." They researched over... Read More

Street Cleaner Has Donated Over $27,000 To Impoverished Kids

A street cleaner who makes only $300 a month has donated over $27,000 to children in need. He's 58 years old and can related to impoverished children, “I used to be like these children, I didn’t have enough to eat and I felt helpless. I want to help them change their destiny.” He spends very little... Read More

Camel Strolls Thru Michigan Pet Store

Is there a limit on what kind of animals can enter a PetSmart store? A camel from Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo in New Era made its way thru a PetSmart in Muskegon. It wasn't hump day, but this camel had a great time at the Muskegon @PetSmart . — MLive (@MLive) April 8,... Read More

High School Bribes Students To Take Test

Interesting that a high school is bribing students to take tests. Palo Alto High in California on has about 40 percent of their students taking the non required California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress test. One student states why, "chose to opt out this spring to use the two days... Read More

The Positive Reasons You Should Have Dreams

Research and philosophy results has come up with the conclusion that "dreaming is as fundamental to human life as breathing." Emphasis is placed on remembering dreams and learning how to interpret the problems solved in them. I've have strange dreams including several recurring where I wore... Read More

Michigan Winning Lottery Ticket In Trash

Triple check your lottery tickets. A guy from Harrison, Michigan had thrown away his winning ticket, "I bought a Lucky For Life ticket last Wednesday and then checked it on the Lottery's website Thursday morning. I didn't match any of the numbers on the site, so I threw my ticket away." Then he... Read More

Goose Attack In Michigan [VIDEO]

You'll notice many geese are showing up in Southeast Michigan. I see fields covered in them near my house. UPI is reporting a reason to stay away from them, they have attacked people here. Stay far away, look at this attack in an empty Eastern Michigan University parking lot. Beware of goose! A... Read More