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States Ranked By Stress

Interesting to see our states ranked by stress, especially when a state with plenty of coastline like Florida is near the top. Zippia maps all states with their rankings here . Florida comes in at number 3 because of the many retirees and and lack of insurance. New Jersey scores the top spot with... Read More

Man Travels Just To Rescue Dogs

This is great for dog lovers. There is a guy who now spends his life traveling around states looking for stray dogs in need. Edgardo is 49 years old, and has been doing this for 5 years now. So far he has rescued over 400 dogs. Even while he tours on his bike, a pack of dogs follows and loves him... Read More

Restaurants And Bars Banning Smart Phones

We are addicted to smart phones for many positive reasons, but stress also is connected. Love the fact some restaurants are banning the use in sections of their establishment, and some not allowing any use. Even cocktail bars are banning the use, “It’s great to see that it was the right decision... Read More

Cow Cuddling Therapy

We all love cuddling with our pets, they are therapy. Now a farm is offering what they categorize as wellness treatment. Advertising animals with a weight of over 1000 pounds, "Cow Cuddling," is their therapy being branded. Here is the benefit, “Cows have a body temperature that is slightly higher... Read More

Brady Bunch House Bought For TV Show

I posted a story way back in July about the Brady Bunch TV house being up for sell. Well, it did sell for a couple million dollars, and the last two bidding were Lance Bass from "NSYNC" and HGTV. HGTV now owns the house, and they're going to do a TV show with it. The "Property Brothers" will be a... Read More

Madonna Gives $100,000 To Detroit School

In the past locals would comment how Madonna disconnected from Detroit. That is completely false. She has done several things for Detroit and now donated $100,000 to Detroit Prep School, "The idea of transforming an old, abandoned building in Detroit and making it the home of an excellent school is... Read More

Woman Claims To Have Hooked Up With 20 Ghost

Maybe it's a good thing to have affairs with ghosts, if they're not real and just a figment of your imagination. Either way Amethyst Realm claims to have hooked up with 20 ghostly spirits. She's engaged but cheats with ghosts, one proposed, “There was no going down on one knee, he doesn't have... Read More

Job Pays $100 An Hour Petting Dogs

I've posted several stories about dream jobs. Getting hired for those jobs are probably like hitting the lotto. But these jobs appear to be real and probably beneficial to the employer also because of publicity. Getting paid $100 an hour is another dream job doing what most people love. There is a... Read More

Weird Ways To Get Fined

Many states have weird laws, we already knew that. What we didn't know is that the city council in one town created strange reasons to give a ticket -- including this group fining people for taking a nap in public. Weird state laws in other places include fines for playing too much bingo, and... Read More