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Distressed Old Looking New Sneakers Cost Over $500

Many of us love clothes that look old, distressed, and almost worn out. The demand for that look with worn history is so much in demand you will see more and more distressed looking new clothes for sell, and the price isn't always cheap. Check out Nordstrom's new sneakers that cost over $500 called... Read More

Saturday Is Free National Park Day

All of us here in the US are within 400 miles of a National Park. Don't miss out on Free National Park Day this Saturday. Some of the parks are using the free admission to encourage and motivate volunteers to help clean up around the parks. This Saturday, join the @NatlParkService in celebrating... Read More

New Dearborn Animal Shelter Is A Resort

The City of Dearborn is known for their love of animals. That is backed up with the opening of their new animal shelter at 16121 Reckinger Road. The new shelter has heated floors, kitchens for each animal, suites, lofts, more open places to stroll, even a dog pool, and much more. That's shows a... Read More

Job Interview Colors You Should And Should Not Wear

How did you dress on a job interview that gave you the best results? Stylecaster has posted an interesting article about how to dress for an interview, This came from an empowerment rep, “That first impression on an interview counts so much, and you don’t want to be out of the race before the... Read More

School Makes Students Eat Standing Up In The Cafeteria

School's are always looking for ways to make students more productive. Now a high school has removed all their chairs in the cafeteria. Yes, the students stand while they are eating. This was the reason mentioned, “Next, we’ll designate a lunch spot at the table for everyone to eat standing on... Read More

Fall Things To Do In Detroit

After a wonderful blazing hot summer, we were hit with a couple of cool days which made me think of fall. Then I came across this list of things to do here in the amazing Mitten State during fall. I love this list.One you might not have attended in the past? It's the 11th Annual DIY Street Fair in... Read More

Tattoo Scores A Lifetime Of Free Pizza

Would you ink a visible tattoo on your body to get free pizza? That was a promotion offered by a Domino's Pizza branch. The tattoo had to be the size of 2 cm in length, to score a 100 pizzas a year for the rest of your life unless you live longer that 100 years. 31 августа в нашей сети стартовала... Read More

Pilot Buys 40 Pizzas For His Delayed Flight Passengers [VIDEO]

This is a good gesture. Think about all th headaches caused by weather delays when flying. Storms cause a flight scheduled to land at the Dallas/Ft Worth airport to be diverted to Wichita Falls not Kansas, but a small Wichita Falls, TX airport. The next flight out was not available until the next... Read More