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Stephen, JoAnne & Jason perform at Lip Sync Battle for charity

Stephen, JoAnne & Jason Perform To Help Families With Cancer

What a blast! Stephen, JoAnne & Jason competed in a "celebrity" lip sync battle Thursday night at the Royal Oak Music Theater to benefit New Day Foundation for Families . The non-profit helps alleviate the financial burden of families facing cancer. 8 "celebrity" teams competed against each... Read More
Space Station

First Time Cookies Baked In Space

The Girl Scout Cookies are back and I love them. They have a couple of new flavors. Also new is the fact that cookies were backed in space for the first time. Chocolate chip cookies were baked on the International Space Station. It took two hours to bake vs 20 minutes on Earth, "There’s still a lot... Read More
Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut Is Dead

Mr. Peanut has died. He was 104. The top hat-wearing legume's passing is part of a Super Bowl ad campaign, which was teased in a video of Mr. Peanut giving his life to save actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh following a dramatic Nutmobile accident. Mr. Peanut's funeral will air during the third... Read More
Feet In Dirt

US Dirt Sent To Italy So That Son Would Be Born On Home Soil

I know many people who have taken sand from beaches home because of the emotional value. A father values the soil he lives on so much, he sent the dirt to Europe so that his son could be born on Texas soil, "I spent over $ 200 on shipping costs for dirt from Texas. The plan is to hide it under the... Read More
Rolling Stones

When The Beatles Met The Rolling Stones

When someone mentions Beatles, Rolling Stones usually pops into minds, and reverse also. When, or did the two hottest bands of the same era hook up? They did meet when the Beatles attended a Rolling Stones concert after they had a couple of hits, and the Stones did not. Bill Wyman mentions in the... Read More

Jennifer Aniston's Creative Way To Keep Her Dress Wrinkle Free

Sunday night at the SAG Awards, Jennifer Aniston won for Best Actress in a Drama for TV. She wore a beautiful white Dior dress. After the show, she shared on her Instagram the creative way she kept the dress wrinkle free. No wrinkles... harder than it looks! Somewhere between these two photos, my... Read More

Post of 'Funny Looking Husky' Goes Viral

She's been descriebd as a 'funny looking husky', and she finally has a new home. Jubilee is a 4-year-old husky who came from a breeder who said he couldn't sell her becaus she was "weird looking." He took her to The Husky House in New Jersey, where she's been waiting for a family for two years. The... Read More
Pet Yarn

Memorable Items Made With Yarn Created From Lost Pet Hair

This is an unusual and unique way to feel close to a lost pet. Keep in mind wool sweaters are made from sheep hair. Theresa Furrer, who is a knitter, started creating yarn out of dog and cat fur to use in making memorable clothing. The passing of her cat inspired her. The first public project was... Read More
Stephen, JoAnne & Jason

Watch Stephen & JoAnne in Epic Lip Sync Battle

It's going to be epic! Stephen, JoAnne & Jason are competing in a celebrity lip sync challenge Thursday, January 23rd at the Royal Oak Music Theater to benefit New Day Foundation for Families. They and seven other "celebrity" teams are teaming up with New Day Families facing cancer to battle it... Read More