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Mask at home

New Study About Wearing Mask At Home

A new study is out about wearing facemask's. It researched the importance of wearing masks at home, "This study confirms the highest risk of household transmission being prior to symptom onset, but that precautionary [non-pharmaceutical interventions], such as mask use, disinfection and social... Read More
Tom Brady

Tom Brady's Sweet Ride Can Be Yours

Fans who want to roll like Tom Brady will get their chance for a hefty price. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is selling his Stretched Becker Cadillac Escalade ESV for $300,000. The office on wheels features VIP seats with massage and automatic foot rests, 32-inch and 12-inch screens, aviation... Read More
Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot

'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot Surprises Detroit Nurses

A group of nurses from Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital, wearing Wonder Woman t-shirts, were being interviewed on Good Morning America when the Gal Gadot jumped on their call and gave them some love. According to nurse Erin Cavanaugh, "Wonder Woman believes in people, she believes in love. She saves... Read More
Mask Money

Woman Wins $127,000 Jackpot With Her Mask Money

People creating and selling face masks are benefiting. So are we with the options of acquiring more masks for safety. I actually have bought from two different ladies who have sewn masks, and sold them on their front porches. Now a woman invested the money she made from masks to play Keno-8 Lottery... Read More

Funny video shows small dog scaring away would-be burglars

A porch camera captured hilarious video of a tiny dog scaring away two men who tried to break into a home. The video captures two men walking up to to the front door and presumably entering the house. Seconds later, it shows the men running away, following by a small dog, a Maltese, chasing after... Read More
Boy Fishing

Stolen Safe Found By 6-Year-Old While Fishing

Going out fishing during this time is a good way to free your mind. Finding a stolen safe while magnet fishing will also distract. Magnet fishing is done usually to find certain types of rocks. Catherine Brewer, the mom of a 6-year-old, "We got it to help pass the time during the virus. He's... Read More
Cedar Point

When Will Cedar Point Reopen? Ohio Governor Weighs in

You might have to put off that trip to Cedar Point for longer than anticipated. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine was on Meet the Press Sunday. He said he doesn't know when the amusement park will be able to reopen. "We are certainly not there yet,” he said. Ohio is currently in the process of reopening. "... Read More
Queen guitarist Brian May

Queen's Brian May Reveals He Suffered A Small Heart Attack

Queen guitarist Brian May has kept fans abreast of his recent injury in which he ripped his buttocks “to shreds” during a freak gardening accident. He again took to social media to explain that while his medical team was trying to ascertain why he was in such non-stop pain, they discovered a... Read More