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Pink Slashed Her Partners Tires

Just now surfacing because of the The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pink did a number on her partners vehicle. She slashed tires on his truck, “It was Thanksgiving. The holidays are stressful.” This was revealed during a question and answer segment on Ellen's show. Pink was also injured during the slashing... Read More

McDonald's Shamrock Shake is Officially Back On the Menu

(104.3 WOMC) -- McDonald’s customers craving the fast food giant’s famous Shamrock Shake struck gold this week. McDonald's has officially announced Thursday the return of its seasonal minty green milkshake at participating restaurants, nearly 50 years after it debuted on menus. "The one, the only,... Read More

Drinking Two Or More Diet Beverages A Day Might Be Dangerous

(104.3 WOMC) -- If you think choosing a diet beverage is the healthy choice, a new study might make you think twice. In the latest findings of what's bad for us to consume, researchers found that drinking two or more diet drinks a day could be linked to strokes and heart attacks. Artificially... Read More

Woman Gets Purse Back - 64 Years After She Lost It

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (AP) — A purse containing a prom invitation, photos and other items from 1950s America will be returned to its now 82-year-old owner after workers found it while demolishing part of an Indiana high school. Martha Everett lost the black stitched purse more than six decades ago... Read More

VIDEO: Aftermath Of Extreme Turbulence On Delta Flight To Seattle

(104.3 WOMC) -- While most frequent fliers have been freaked out by turbulence at some point, passengers aboard a Delta flight Wednesday hit some rough weather they likely won't soon forget. The trip from Orange County, California to Seattle turned out to be such a rocky ride that five people were... Read More

Valentine's: The Day's Number One Songs Over The Years

Ever wondered how many love songs have been number-one on the most romantic day on the calendar? From 1979 through 1993, five of the 15 chart-toppers -- "Do That to Me One More Time," "Baby, Come to Me," "Careless Whisper," "Seasons Change" and "I Will Always Love You"-- were love ballads. Others,... Read More