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The Edge and Bono of U2 perform during The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 at University of Phoenix Stadium on September 19, 2017 in Glendale, Arizona.

U2: Brand New Music! Listen Here

U2 have released a new single to mark their first-ever show in India, coming up December 15th in Mumbi. The track is called "Ahimsa," and they recorded it with composer A.R. Rahman. Ahimsa is the Sanskrit word for non-violence. Bono says, "We come as students to the source of inspiration. That is... Read More
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Very Dangerous Impersonation

The impersonation this guy pulled off could be dangerous. Fortunately he admitted it and made officials aware. Rajan Mahbubani impersonated an airline pilot for the benefit of quick passage in airports, “Mahbubani said that he is a frequent traveler and used to dress up as a pilot to gain easy... Read More
Phil Collins

Phil (Baby Jesus) Collins

On the 1991 Genesis album We Can't Dance, a song Phil Collins co-wrote and sings is called "Jesus He Knows Me." And now a church in Mexico has unveiled a statue of baby Jesus -- brown-haired, blue-eyed, with a forelock and a round head -- that eerily resembles him. Take a look here. The nearly 22-... Read More
H&M Store

New Downtown Detroit H&M Store Opens Today

Today is the day the brand new H&M's new store opens in Detroit! The 25,000 sq. ft. store, located at Bedrock's 1505 Woodward Ave. building. To celebrate the opening, the first 500 shoppers in line will be offered an H&M Access to Fashion Pass, valued between $10 and $500. Customers in line... Read More

Christmas Gift From The Late Barbara Bush Was Discovered

Jenna Bush Hager cried when she found out that a Christmas gift her late grandmother Barbara Bush created was found. Barbara created handmade stockings for Jenna's kids, including one that she never met because he was born in August, "What a beautiful thing she did so that all three of my kids... Read More

FartGate: Did This Politician Fart On Live TV?

California Congressman Eric Swalwell insists he did not fart during a live interview with MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews. A loud noise was clearly heard while Swalwell was speaking, and while Swalwell admits it sounded funny, he denies passing gas. But he if he denied it, who supplied it?... Read More

Ladies Get Free Drinks At Bar Based On Their Weight

The concept that ladies can drink for free isn't new ... but what is unusual is that a bar is giving free drinks to ladies based on their weight. Why? We're not so sure. But we do know this bar attempts to be discreet when it comes to getting the digits. "We believe in the magnanimity of our lady... Read More

Pass Go! And Collect $200 On National Play Monopoly Day

The board game that can ignite family rivalries like no other is celebrated annually on November 19th, National Play Monopoly Day. Monopoly has been played by more than one billion people in 114 countries around the world, and the game is celebrated for a second time on March 19th, World Monopoly... Read More

Detroit's Best Dive Bars

Many local, small, hole in the wall dive bars, have tradition. Because many clients who created memories at these bar during their youth still go to them, the bars continue to operate even thought they look run down from the outside. Thrill List gave props to these local establishments that still... Read More

German Artist Remakes The Beatles Sergeant Peppers Album Cover

The Beatles' most famous album cover has inspired a present day "reboot." Brimming with contemporary musicians, celebrities and pop culture figures, German artist TrippieSteff's new take on Sergeant Pepper features Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Drake and Lil Nas X in place of the original Fab Four in... Read More