The Beatles To Host Worldwide ‘Yellow Submarine’ Singalong

Watch their acclaimed 1968 animated movie this Saturday.

April 23, 2020

Treat yourself to a psychedelic Saturday as The Beatles will be streaming their 1968 animated movie Yellow Submarine in its entirety on YouTube.

“For those of you missing singing together, I’ve got good news,” Ringo Starr said in a video on The Beatles Twitter account. "Tune in to The Beatles' YouTube channel on Saturday, the 25th, at 9 o'clock Pacific, 12 noon Eastern, for a special Yellow Submarine movie singalong for kids and kids at heart. Peace and love. I know I’ll be there; I hope you will too.”

Dress up in your finest Beatles inspired outfits and join them on their YouTube channel for a worldwide singalong to the Yellow Submarine movie.

While The Beatles provided the soundtrack for the film, the band only participated in the closing scene of the movie. Their cartoon characters were voiced by other actors.

The cult classic takes place in the fictional world of Pepperland as The Beatles aim to rescue it from the Blue Meanies. The music hating Blue Meanies aim to destroy the paradise of Pepperland by ridding it of all its music and color. It’s up to The Beatles to save Pepperland and restore it to a colorful world of music.

Yellow Submarine was rereleased in theaters back in 2018 to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This edition of the film features lyrics on the bottom of the screen allowing fans to easily singalong at home.

The movie includes some of The Beatles most famous songs including “Eleanor Rigby,” “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” and, of course, “Yellow Submarine.”

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