College Student and Teen Brother Lose Entire Family to COVID-19

July 30, 2020

    A college student has become her teenage brother's primary caregiver after losing her entire family to coronavirus.

    In the span of less than three months, siblings Hannah and Joe Kim have lost both their parents and grandmother to COVID-19.

    They first lost their grandmother to the virus. In May, their father died.

    Hannah and her entire family had been quarantining in an apartment in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles, according to KTVU.

    Now there's sad news to report, as their mother has also succumbed to the novel virus, according to the outlet.

    Just last month, it was reported the siblings had lost both their father and grandmother to COVID-19, leaving 22-year-old Hannah to care for her 17-year-old brother. At the time, their mother had been hospitalized in the intensive care unit battling the illness.

    The KTVU Fox 2 story reported "her mother lost her battle with the virus on July 14. The ventilator was her life support and her body couldn’t keep up."

    According to a GoFundMe set up for the Kims, several in the community have raised over $580K to help with expenses during this challenging time for Joe and Hannah.

    In comments on the GoFundMe page on July 18, 2020, Hannah gave an update writing, "Hello everybody. First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has shown my family so much love and support these past three months. It has truly been a traumatic time in our lives as it has been for many others.

    "Many people have been asking for an update about my mother. A few weeks ago, she was admitted to USC Keck Hospital as a potential lung transplant candidate. After initial evaluations, doctors told us that my mom unfortunately wouldn’t make it out alive if she were to get the surgery. Her lungs were hardening because of tissue damage from COVID-19 even though she was declared negative a month ago.

    "On July 14th, my mother passed away. The ventilator was her life support and her body couldn’t keep up. It seriously pains me to write this update, especially because so many of you have been rooting for her.

    "I ask that everyone please grant me some time and space to process and take care of family matters. Thank you all again for your sweet messages and support," she concluded.

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