Nils Lofgren Talks About Time With Neil Young And Crazy Horse

"Just a heartbreaking thing.” Nils said

October 30, 2019

Richard Lui/USA TODAY Sports


I was so interested when Nils Lofgren talked about his recent guitar work with Neil Young. For some of you that are "Younger” than Neil, let me fill you in on Nils.

Nils Lofgren played guitar with Neil Young and Crazy Horse many moons ago. He then embarked on a pretty cool solo career. Some may remember the tune “Cry Tough,” from the album of the same name and the anthem-esque “Keith Don’t Go” (ode to the Glimmer Twin).

A great song about Keith Richards who was, get this, voted most likely next to die, in a Cream magazine readers poll....circa 1974!  74! Thanks to  Keith’s photo on the “ Goat’s Head Soup” Stones album. Nils joined Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band when Little Steven Van Zant left on a solo quest and is still a member.

Nils is also friends with Detroit’s Johnny Bee, who brought Nils out to some of our station events like Jagger’s in Waterford to jam back in the day. Fast forward to today...Nils got back together with Neil Young for the making of Neil’s new album, “Colorado”. He said it was therapeutic for Neil as he had gone through a rough patch.

Neil had lost his home to a forest fire, his ex-wife Pegi died, and he’s dealt with some health issues. "Just a heartbreaking thing.” Nils said, “ All the stuff he’s gone thru with his own health, that I just felt that he wanted to play it all-he kept going out and singing and letting the music, which I believe is the planet’s sacred weapon, work through him and help him and his family.” The band’s sessions are detailed in the new documentary movie Mountaintop. Do you have a Neil Young fan on your shopping list this Holiday season?