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Dennis Quaid 65, Goes Public With 26-Year-Old College Student Girlfriend

She's a year younger than his son with Meg Ryan.

June 7, 2019

(WOMC) In 1993, Dennis Quaid, 65, was at the top of his career, starring in the movie "Undercover Blues" and living his best life married to superstar Meg Ryan. At the time, they had a 1-year-old son.

Incidentally, it's also the year his newest girlfriend was born, so they have something in common. What's that? Oh, they were both alive in 1993, she newly drawing breath and him a married 39-year-old man on the cusp of middle age.

Love can be strange.

Quaid's new girlfriend Laura Savoie went public with their love on Instagram. says she's currently working toward her PhD in accounting at the University of Texas at Austin and expects to graduate in 2021. 

Dennis Quaid, 65, has a new, much younger girlfriend. Tap this photo at the link in bio to learn more about his new love and their relationship. #DennisQuaid Photo: Splash

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How exactly does a senior citizen actor meed a co-ed? Mum's the word as neither has commented on the relationship.

She's a year younger than Quaid's son with Ryan so it seems she would have more in common with his offspring ... but there's no telling what makes people fall in love.