Photo: John David Mercer / USA Today

The Swamp Spreads

March 6, 2018

By Steve Kostan

Bayou Rock comes calling June 27 at DTE Energy Music Theatre in the form of John Fogerty and ZZ TOP.

What a great, cool, and authentic pairing.

While everyone knows the hit single side of Fogerty and CCR, there’s also the album tracks on those records that spotlighted the more bluesy Delta Blues side.

Bordering on Canned Heat territory, you can almost feel the humidity and smell the swamp.

By the way -- If you start swatting imaginary bugs, have a glass of water next.

Now pair that with Billy Gibbons and ZZ TOP. The Topsters have plenty of blues riffs in all their stuff, hits or otherwise. Fans of the early ZZ albums didn’t mind getting saturated with sonic “Rio Grande Mud.” They were no strangers to that, although some who discovered ZZ in the 'disappearing band in the videos, with that car and key chain,' might be. We’re lucky again. Their tour lasts from May 25 to June 29, that’s it. WOMC gave away tix over the weekend, and there will be more!