16 Of Detroit's Best Pizza Establishments

March 5, 2018
By: Beau Daniels IMO we are the pizza capital in the US, forget Chicago. Think of all the major chains from here. Lets call out the local establishments that all have amazing pizza. Sixteen Detroit area pizza locations have been recognized by Thrill List. You have probably eaten at most if not all, but here are some in case you still haven't tried them. Loui’s in Hazel Park is a place I experienced for the first time last month and loved it. They serve the Detroit Style chains like Buddy's and Jett's do but unique in its own way. https://twitter.com/michnewsnetwork/status/829663430168674304 Detroit is a melting pot, and pizza melt's a little different at Amar's Pizza in Hamtramck. Also mentioned is a place I have not indulged, Sgt. Pepperoni’s Din Midtown which has a reputation for some wild specialty pizza. Take a look at the 16 here. "Like" Beau on Facebook, Follow Beau on Twitter & Instagram "Like" us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter