Caller To Michigan Police: There's A Dementor In The Park

February 28, 2018
By: Nathan Vicar (104.3 WOMC) -- Police officers in Essexville had a little literary fun on their Facebook account Wednesday morning after receiving an unusual report of suspicious activity in one of the city's parks. A concerned citizen, police say, reported seeing a "Dementor" in Smith Park. For those unfamiliar with "Harry Potter," the Dementors are "among the foulest creatures that walk this earth," according to a fan page dedicated to the popular book series. Here's what they look like in the "Harry Potter" movies:


Here's what the department, located near Bay City, MI, found: An investigation determined that the "Dementor" was actually a trash bag stuck on a tree blowing in the wind. They even assured concerned citizens it had checked with the Ministry of Magic and all dementors had been accounted for at Azkaban. So, there is no need to start practicing Patronus charms. The department used the lighthearted social media post to remind residents to keep the city clean by throwing out trash in proper receptacles. It's been shared and liked over 2,000 times on Facebook.