A Real Selfie Addict Who Takes 200 Pics Day

February 28, 2018
By: Beau Daniels How many selfies do you take? I know some who are addicted to taking them. Now comes the story about a selfie addict who reportedly takes around 200 a day. Yes he's a model which removes all inhibitions as he serves the huge crowd following him on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/BNjpi5CAWvb/?taken-by=junaidahmedx Junaid Ahmed speaks about what turned him into a selfie addict, “Years ago I never used to look like this. I used to be quite natural. But I just think with the obsession with social media. I want to upgrade myself now. I’ve had my teeth veneered, chin filler, cheek filler, jawline filler, lip filler, botox under the eyes and on the head, tattooed eyebrows and fat freezing.” "Like" Beau on Facebook, Follow Beau on Twitter & Instagram "Like" us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter