Bob Seger is Optimistic About Touring: 'I Really Hope I'm Not Done'

February 23, 2018
By Annie Reuter Bob Seger is on the mend following back surgery that forced him to cancel touring last year. While he's still in pain, he optimistically looks ahead to future tours and new music. In a new interview with Team Rock, the Hall of Famer says he hopes he's not done on the road. Related: Bob Seger Offers Previously Unreleased Song 'Finding Out' as Free Download “I'm in the recover mode. The pain is down,” Seger said. “I’d say it's one out of 10, but it's constant. It's nagging, and unfortunately I can't sing or play or lift anything more than five pounds until it's gone. So it's difficult to work out or anything. I can walk, that's about it -- work with my three-pound weights a little bit, but not over my head. It's maddening. I'm just stuck here. I can't go to a show, I can't go to a game, that's it." While his doctors can't guarantee that his pain will go away, Seger is staying optimistic. Instead of lounging around the house and watching TV he's studying music. "I'm going to keep drilling myself with music that I like and analyzing it — Why do I like this? Why do I like that? — and get ready for writing. That'll be the first thing I'll do, a little bit of writing, and then hopefully I'll have to start rehearsing for the shows. I really hope I'm not done,” he says. "I think it's gonna be okay, I really do. But, God, it's taking a long time."