Save Your Marriage With Sleep Divorce

February 22, 2018
By: Beau Daniels Sleep divorce is basically couples that don't sleep together, and that is increasing, in the US one in 4 don't and over 40 percent in Canada. A psychotherapist explains the benefits, “There’s nothing wrong with sleeping apart, especially if one partner snores or tosses and turns a lot and prevents the other from getting a good night’s sleep. In cases like this, it’s actually better to sleep apart.” Sleep divorce can save marriages. Cuddling is not a priority, “People will say they sleep better together, but when we actually monitor their brains, we see that their brain is not getting into deeper stages of sleep because they’re continuously being woken up by movement or sound.” The report also explains why some think it's a bad move, “It could be that their elderly parents sleep separately and they view their parents as non-sexual beings, or they could think that sleeping separately is the beginning of the end of their relationship.” Much more from Global News. "Like" Beau on Facebook, Follow Beau on Twitter & Instagram "Like" us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter