Rick And Morty Fans Rejoice! Szechuan Sauce Returning To McDonald's

February 22, 2018
By: Nathan Vicar (104. WOMC) -- Attention "Rick and Morty" fans. McDonald's is bringing back its famously discontinued Szechuan sauce -- again. The fast food chain has been teasing on Twitter about the return of the sauce, which became a pop-culture sensation thanks to being mentioned on the popular adult-oriented cartoon "Rick And Morty." According to the Detroit Free Press, a company spokesman said the sauce will be available at all southeast Michigan locations starting at lunchtime Monday -- hundreds of packets at each store.  Nationwide, 20 million packets will be available. To get the sauce, customers will need to make a qualifying purchase, which will be determined by individual stores. McDonald's first introduced the Szechuan dipping sauce when promoting Disney's "Mulan" in 1998. In October, McDonald's reintroduced the sauce by releasing a very limited batch, but it was not enough to meet the expectations of the fans. A Free Press report states a store on Woodward Avenue in Detroit had only 40 packets; only 200 packets were given out statewide. Customers lined up and many left angry or disappointed, according to a Free Press report. There also were reports of riot-like conditions at some stores. https://twitter.com/McDonalds/status/966089747503427584