Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks Weighs In On Touring

February 21, 2018
By: Steve Kostan (WOMC) -- Stevie Nicks weighed in recently about FLEETWOOD MAC and touring. It turns out to be a wise observation. "A big band like FLEETWOOD MAC needs to get out of the spotlight so that’s what we’ve done”, she told Team Rock, "We should be off the road for three years, because when we come back, it’s an event." I think that’s very important. "It feels more special. And being away from each other for three years is good. It really sets you up for a good time because everything’s new and everybody’s got new stories and everybody’s been doing crazy, different things, so when you walk into rehearsal that first day everyone’s really happy to see each other. If we toured every year it wouldn’t be like that," Nicks said. Not to mention that the years just FLY by at this point. As for us fans she said, "There’s a lot of famous bands, a lot of important people out, and if you’re going to make a choice of which ticket to buy, and if you haven’t seen one of them for three years or more then that’s going to be at the top of your list." Hard to argue with that. Plus she has the luxury of going in and out of her solo projects. Bottom line.... WE AIN'T DONE YET. Great shows being announced constantly on 104.3 WOMC.