Woman Drys Underwear On Plane [VIDEO]

February 20, 2018
By: Beau Daniels A woman flying from a resort found a need to dry some underwear. https://twitter.com/NewshubNZ/status/965734287801647104 Passengers didn't say much during the flight, "Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent." But comments are flying out of social media, "This woman has the intellect of a dog. This is so sad. Half the country are like her." "Maybe the take off was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those." Looking at the video, they could of belonged to a kid. But imagine the concern for what was floating in the recycled air on the plane. Metro https://www.facebook.com/alan.teo.526/videos/1836389643052082/ "Like" Beau on Facebook, Follow Beau on Twitter & Instagram "Like" us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter