PepsiCo's New Drink Is So Special, You Need A Special Water Bottle To Drink It

February 16, 2018
By: Nathan Vicar (WOMC) -- PepsiCo's latest drink is so special! How special is it? It's so special the you have to have a special water bottle to drink it! Their new drink is called Drinkfinity and it's not carbonated, it's full of natural ingredients, and you can't get it in a grocery store or vending machine. The special bottles go for $20 and the juice pods that go inside can be ordered at the Drinkfinity website. Pods will run you $5-$6.50 for a pack of four. The two work together in a Keurig style. Pods come in 12 flavors and fall into four categories called Charge, Chill, Flow, and Renew. The drink is available for you now.