Different Chapter, Same Page

February 16, 2018
By: Steve Kostan (WOMC) -- JIMMY PAGE has some cool stuff in the works for us fans of LED ZEPPELIN. While many other bands from our era are doing albums and books, PAGE and ZEPPELIN hold the high ground with very few peers. Their stuff just carries more weight. So, along with a remix of 2003’s “How the West Was Won,” which I may pass on, already have it, there’s something else lurking... "I can’t give the game away, but there’s a recording that’s another multi-track that we’ll release.” Page told Planet Rock, “It’s so different to all the other things that are out there. It’s another view compared to 'How the West Was Won' or 'The Song Remains the Same.'  I’m looking forward to people hearing that.” ME too Jimmy. We caught a glimpse of a slightly different Zeppelin side on LZ III.  I wonder where this will go. Remember Jimmy also produced the Led Zepp albums, except one, so this project is in very capable hands....again. One thing though.....MR Page?  While We’re YOUNG!!