The Stars Align

February 1, 2018
By: Steve Kostan (WOMC) -- Looks like more of the longtime pros, the heavy hitters, have another great show for us to mark down this summer. This line up Is Guitar Great JEFF BECK, singer PAUL ROGERS, of Free, Bad Co., and The Firm going out with ANN WILSON, on leave from Heart, as the opening act. All three have big cred, with ROGERS AND BECK holding the high ground. I’ve heard about some people scratching their heads over this grouping but remember JEFF BECK toured with Beach Boy BRIAN WILSON in 2013 and played a show in Detroit at the Fox. No one in the crowd was disappointed that night and I imagine a similar stellar night will be had at DTE on July 31 for this “Stars Align” tour. So many musical possibilities.  This tour, like the ROGER DALTRY with the DSO tour, is quite short so again we are lucky here in the rockin' motor city to get one. As usual, you can win tix for both of these great shows on 104.3 WOMC.