Electronic Music Created By Bees

January 30, 2018
By: Beau Daniels Since Detroit is the home for electronic music I had to put this out there. A beekeeper who is big time into EMD has created a way to use bees to help make electronic music. The music is used to create awareness on the importance of bees and that world has an extreme less population over recent years. “If I went around with a Greenpeace badge on and started shouting about deforestation, people quickly tire of that, it doesn’t really connect with people. So I worked around the idea of presenting something that’s got an underlying ecological message, but it’s put over in a way which interest geeks and people interested in electronic music and computing.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B1EiHm7cjg Bioni Samp has also discovered a way to use honey in the music sound by having it control flow. Samp is planing a tour using his Hive Synthesiser, maybe he will get recognition at Detroit's Electronic Music Festival. More here. "Like" Beau on Facebook, Follow Beau on Twitter & Instagram "Like" us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter