January 30, 2018
By: Steve Kostan (WOMC) -- In my pre-Beatles youth, classical music, Ludwig  Van, Wolfgang Amadeus, and their crowd, was sometimes called “Long-Haired” music. It had that classical connotation. In 2018 it’s “Long-Hair” orchestra hall meets “Long-Hair” Woodstock Nation as the WHO’s Roger Daltrey comes to town doing the WHO’s psychedelic hippie rock opera “Tommy.” Roger will use the local symphony orchestra in each town on this brief, June 8 to July 9 tour. Roger will also publish an autobiography in August, that he says will be more than just the listing of events and hopefully give you and I, the reader, a little more personal insight. To me and my generation boomers, The Who were always rock royalty since the early days. We get the royal visit July 5 at Meadowbrook. Start growing that hair!