January 24, 2018
By: Steve Kostan (WOMC) -- I saw something on social media that reminded us of the KISS concert at Olympia January of 1978.  40 years. I remember it well and have a ..perspective. It was a Saturday and I was on at WABX when Gene and Paul came by, NO Makeup, pretended to tie me up and take over the radio station. Within 20 minutes a crowd gathered in parking lot at 8 mile and Coolidge.  Their first song??  Burn, DEEP PURPLE. They they were also big fans of “Rockin the Fillmore” Humble Pie and told me it was a big influence on what became their live sound. Listen to it again. You can hear some of those banging and clanging similarities.  Also about 30 minutes into the “takeover,” Gene whipped out a 45 of a new band he was keen on. The PD, China Jones, said it was OK, Gene handed the chubby little record to me, and Detroit  got it’s first earful of.....”You Really Got ME’, VAN HALEN. It was a great show that night, with an added bonus, The ROCKETS opened the show. How many of YOU were there??