Las Vegas Is Making It Even Easier To Get Married In Sin City

January 23, 2018
Lots of people will be getting hitched on or around Valentine’s Day, and while many couples will spend at least a year planning the perfect day, there are still plenty of others who’d rather just run off to Las Vegas to make it legal. Well, if you’re one of the latter, Sin City just made it a whole lot easier for you. The Clark County’s Clerk’s office, where folks have to go to get their marriage licenses, is set to open a pop up license bureau at McCarran Airport, which means couples can get the process started the minute they land. The temporary license bureau will be open from February 9thto 17th at the baggage claim area in Terminal 1 from 9 am to 5 pm. The license will only cost $77, and while this may prompt some couples to make rash decisions upon arrival, the clerk’s office does suggest things will go quicker if they fill out a pre-application online. So, is this really necessary? Well, according to the clerk’s office, the period between Valentine’s Day to President Weekend is a really busy one for them, with more than 1,500 licenses being handed out, double the amount during the rest of the year. Of course just getting the license doesn’t mean you’re married. Folks will then have to go find themselves a chapel of some sort to get hitched in, but there are plenty of those in Vegas. Although if you need booze to celebrate there’s as to-go liquor store right in the same baggage claim area. Source: USA Today